Become a Preferred Partner

Give your clients assess to global financial markets.

With our unique Partnerships Program, you increase your revenue as your clients trade CFDs.

Benefits for Your Client

A SECM partner's client stands to benefit immensely not just by the extent of trade reporting tools and multi-channel experience, but also significant liquidity and high-speed execution.

Benefits for You

From competitive compensation to flexible payment structures, real-time trade reporting tools to an easy onboarding process, we've worked hard to ensure a mutually successful and rewarding partnership..


Regulations In some jurisdictions, the act of referring clients are deemed to be regulated activities and, as such, require the Introducing Broker (IB) to have the necessary regulatory authorisation.


It is your duty as an IB to ensure that you only carry out activities and provide services in accordance with your local laws and regulations. To find out whether or not you need to be authorised in your particular jurisdiction, you should contact your local Financial Regulator.