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Unveiling Our White Label Solutions

Empower Your Business with the SEC Markets White Label Program

Welcome to the SEC Markets White Label Program – a tailor-made solution for start-up CFD brokerages and financial institutions.

Our comprehensive multi-asset liquidity and white label solutions offer you a dependable CFD trading platform, enabling your clients to trade swiftly and cost-effectively. From inception to realization, we equip you with the tools and guidance to kickstart your own brokerage and make your mark in the financial world.

Join the SEC Markets White Label Program and Set the Stage for Your Brokerage Success! Start Your Journey Today with Comprehensive Liquidity Services and Tailored Support!

Trade With a Reliable Broker

Why Choose the SEC Markets White Label Program?

Our White Label Program is designed to provide you with a range of benefits that empower your business and set you up for success:

Multi-Asset Liquidity

Gain access to a pricing pool comprising prime financial institutions, ensuring competitive rates and deep liquidity for your traders.

Global Execution

Our pricing and execution engines are strategically located in London LD4, New York NY4, and Tokyo TY3, ensuring rapid execution and minimal latency.

Profitability Control

Customize your offering with ease. Add your own spread mark-ups on an MT4 group level to enhance your profitability while maintaining flexibility.

Diverse Trading Instruments

Offer your clients an extensive range of trading opportunities. Trade CFDs on over 60 currency pairs, 14 global stock indices, Oil, German government bonds, and precious metals.

Cost-Effective Setup

Benefit from a straight forward setup. There are no setup or monthly fees for liquidity services, FIX API connections, MT4 price feeds, and bridges.

Competitive Commissions

Enjoy low commissions starting as low as $10 per million, per side, ensuring your profitability as you grow.

Partnering for Success

At SEC Markets, we believe in collaborative success. Our White Label Program doesn’t just provide you with a trading platform; it equips you with a roadmap to build your own brokerage brand. From powerful liquidity solutions to efficient execution, our program supports your journey from the ground up.

*Disclaimer: While our White Label Program offers numerous advantages, it’s important to be aware that trading involves risk. Before entering the financial market, it’s crucial to fully understand the risks involved. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Seek advice from financial professionals and conduct thorough research before participating in the White Label Program.*

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