What is a
White Label Solution?

Designed for start-up CFD brokerages and financial institutions, our multi-asset liquidity and white label solutions are a comprehensive offering that provide a reliable CFD trading platform to enable your clients to trade quickly and inexpensivley. We provide you with the tools and guidance to start your own brokerage from inception to realisation!


Referring clients with the help of sec markets trading platform


Liquidity Service

Access a pricing pool comprised of prime financial institutions.

Pricing and execution engines in London LD4, New York NY4 and Tokyo TY3.

Add your own spread mark-ups on an MT4 group level to increase your profitability.

CFDs on 60+ currency pairs, 14 global stock indices, Oil, German government bonds and precious metals.

No setup/monthly fee for liquidity services, FIX API connection, MT4 price feed and bridge.

Commissions as low as $10 per million, per side (no minimum fees).

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